Recommended Reading

Reprint of Harper's Monthly Magazine article about the American Bank Note Co. as appeared in the January 1862 issue. (copies available upon request)

Early Canada Stamp Perforation Measurements by J. Goldberg. The 1857 - 1899 period, a scholarly pursuit getting back to the actual method of rotory perforation (not for the general collector).

Counting Canada's Bank by S. Sarpkaya. A handbook printed by the Canadian Bankers' Association in 1978 by S. Sarpkaya providing a list of Canada's banks, the date of their charter, their mergers or amalgamations, failures, and a list of the Private banks in Canada.

Early American Perforating Machines and Perforations 1857 - 1867 by Winthrop S. Boggs The early perforating machines used by the ABNCo. Whitworth provides us with an indepth study on the perforation varieties that can be found on the postage stamps printed during the period by the ABNCo.

The First Decimal Issue of Canada 1859 - 68 by Geoffrey Whitworth

Specimen Overprints of British North America by Normal Boyd Specimen overprints on stamps printed by the ABNCo.

Essays and Proofs of British North America by Kenneth Minuse and Robert H. Pratt with a comprehensive list of trade samples in the appendix.